Andrew Womeldorf

Web Developer · Naperville, IL · (509) 822-0709 · [email protected]

I am an experienced Web Developer with exposure to many of the most popular development tools and techniques. Quick to listen and a fast learner, I develop products to fit precicely the needs of my clients, and can adapt to any existing structure to make it work.


Feature Developer

Develop and maintain platform-wide plugins and enhancements. Build out site-specific features that deviate from typical use. Write tests and documentation.

May 2017 - Present

Backend Web Developer

Build completely custom websites from scratch on Wordpress, including incorporation of a variety of third-party APIs, such as Google, Instagram, and Twitter. Build custom backend systems and functions specific to a clients needs.

December 2015 - May 2017

IT Intern

Prepare and upgrade new and existing workstations. Develop macros and workbooks to be used for various departments.

June 2014 - July 2014

Accounting Clerk

Perform a variety of accounting services in Accounts Payable and Receivable. Automate a variety of procedures, especially regarding outgoing invoice audits. Prepare and audit large financial reporting booklets.

June 2013 - August 2015



My friend Craig Nuzzo and I host a bi-weekly podcast in a conversation format. We have a range of topics from open-source technologies to coffee. hosts the audio files, and our website is primarily a place to keep feeds up to date. Particularly mp3 and ogg feeds for the DIY people, and also google and itunes feeds, which we're still kind of stuck on while we build up accounts on those platforms so we can point to our feeds. Soon, we will be updating fonts and logos here and potentially embedding a Disqus comments section.

The site is built on Jekyll and hosted on GitLab Pages. Since the site, at this point, only needs to host XML files for the podcast catchers, a static site serves this purpose wonderfully. It's lightweight and fast, easy to maintain, and since the RSS feed just needs to point to where files are hosted, we can host our audio files on for free as well, and run a hobby-podcast by only paying for the recording equipment. This a very fun project!

June 2018 - Present


Moody Bible Institute

Bachelor of Science
Biblical Studies
2010 - 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Automated Testing
  • User & Developer Documentation
  • Clean, Well Structured, and Commented Code


I like to consider myself a mild Privacy and Security Advocate. In my free time, I enjoy keeping current with the news related to major security vulnerabilities, violations of privacy on a large scale, how and why these occur, and the measures to protect myself and those around me as best as possible from these. I get a kick out of finding alternative technologies that allow me to live a modern life, technologically speaking, without the privacy invasion from some of the major tech conglomerates.

I also enjoy cooking, reading, and running.